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Advanced Export Orders All To Excel Or CSV For OpenCart V2
Advanced Export Orders All To Excel Or CSV For OpenCart V2
Advanced Export Orders All To Excel Or CSV For OpenCart V2
Brand: OpenCart
Product Code: Advanced Export Orders All2
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Advanced Export Orders All To Excel Or CSV For OpenCart V2

    Author:                 woods zhang


    This extension adds a "Advanced Export Orders All To Excel Or CSV" to your store, Export you orders to Excel for bulk print and export order information and order some products information
  Filter Condition

  1.         Order ID Or IDS
  2.         Product ID Or Name
  3.         Email Or Telephone
  4.         Date Start
  5.         Date End
  6.         Order Status
  7.         Payment Method
  8.         Shipping Country
  9.         Shipping Region
  10.         Shipping Method

  Export Format

  1.         Excel All Order Info XML
  2.         Excel All Order Info CSV

  Export Data

  1.         Order Id
  2.         Invoice No
  3.         Invoice Prefix
  4.         Store Id
  5.         Store Name
  6.         Store Url
  7.         Customer Id
  8.         Customer Group Id
  9.         Firstname
  10.         Lastname
  11.         Email
  12.         Telephone
  13.         Fax
  14.         Payment Firstname
  15.         Payment Lastname
  16.         Payment Company
  17.         Payment Company Id
  18.         Payment Tax Id
  19.         Payment Address 1
  20.         Payment Address 2
  21.         Payment City
  22.         Payment Postcode
  23.         Payment Country
  24.         Payment Country Id
  25.         Payment Zone
  26.         Payment Zone Id
  27.         Payment Address Format
  28.         Payment Method
  29.         Payment Code
  30.         Shipping Firstname
  31.         Shipping Lastname
  32.         Shipping Company
  33.         Shipping Address 1
  34.         Shipping Address 2
  35.         Shipping City
  36.         Shipping Postcode
  37.         Shipping Country
  38.         Shipping Country Id
  39.         Shipping Zone
  40.         Shipping Zone Id
  41.         Shipping Address Format
  42.         Shipping Method
  43.         Shipping Code
  44.         Comment
  45.         Total
  46.         Order Status Id
  47.         Affiliate Id
  48.         Commission
  49.         Language Id
  50.         Currency Id
  51.         Currency Code
  52.         Currency Value
  53.         Ip
  54.         Forwarded Ip
  55.         User Agent
  56.         Accept Language
  57.         Date Added
  58.         Date Modified
  59.         Customer
  60.         Consignee
  61.         Postcode
  62.         Address
  63.         Order Status
  64.         Manufacturer Name
  65.         Manufacturer Id
  66.         Product Qty
  67.         Product Price
  68.         Product Options
  69.         Product Model
  70.         Product Name
  71.         Product Id
  72.         Sub Total
  73.         Shipping

        The following data are for reference only. Detail information please view demo. 


  1.     No files overwritten
  2.     Export you orders all to execl or csv format
  3.     You must have vQmod installed to use this addon
  4.     Filter condition can multiple choose press ctrl or shift key.

    Demo store:
    Demo admin username & password: demo
    Demo admin:

Compatibility: V2.0.0.0, V2.0.1.0, V2.0.1.1, V2.0.2.0, V2.0.1.0, V2.0.1.1, V2.0.2.0, V2.0.3.1, V2.1.0.1, V2.1.0.2

Installation 1: **vQmod Required** 

1) Unzip the downloaded archive.

2) You should have a folder called vqmod. In this folder there is a folder called upload.

3) Upload the contents of the folder called upload to the root directory of your OpenCart installation.   

4) Proceed to System > Users > User Groups and grant yourself access and modification permission. 

5) That is all. Thank you for downloading and using this mod. If you like this mod please provide your star rating for it.

If you have any questions please contact me at and I will do what I can to help.

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